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In today's technology-driven economy that we live in, having dependable power in crucial.  Industries, offices and even homes are equipped with reliable power, telecommunication devices, emergency lighting and computers.  Loss of power results in loss of time, production, information and revenues.  In regrettable circumstances loss of power can inadvertently result in loss of life.  AG engineering is readily available with a 24-hour standby service.

AG Engineering Incorporated was established in 1985.  The company brings many years of hands-on experience in the customization, fabrication and installation of generators.  We service clients from various commercial and industrial sectors, including broadcast, retail and telecommunication companies; office, medical, institutional, military, banks, utility, and government.

We provide complete one-stop turnkey installations for all your standby power needs.  Our services include sales of generators and parts, installation and rental of generators, overhaul and repair of diesel engines, load bank rentals and testing, complete turnkey installations from 5 to 2000 kw and a 24-hour emergency standby power service.  We also provide preventative maintenance and prudent measures that can help save the cost of an expensive emergency service call and lengthy downtime.  We inspect your equipment, analyze your needs and provide the necessary services to keep you functioning.  All parts and accessories are readily available with just a short phone call.

The company's dedicated engineering and maintenance staff takes pride in delivering the highest standard of performance, service and production.  From fabrication to final installation, we are committed to providing the expertise and the qualifications needed to deliver a turnkey product that meets your power specifications, budget and timeline.

AG Engineering has established an excellent reputation for quality workmanship and excellent customer service, making it the reputable and trusted company it is today.  We are committed to the latest technological advances and innovations to provide high quality service.  Exceeding our customer's expectations is our goal!

Licensed Contractor    State License # 578984 

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